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The Missing Piece In Family Coordinated Elder Care!

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Caring for an aging relative is hard. Are you struggling with the role of family care giver?

Let the FamilyCare System© put family care giving back into perspective.

How and Why I developed the FamilyCare System©

It should be easier to get the answers, support and guidance you need!

Doctor's offices, social services agencies, hospitals, insurance companies and Medicare and Medicaid are not set up to help patients or their family's navigate the complexities of elder care. It's easier to find "No's" and "I don't know's," than it is to find a "Yes, and here's how you do that!" As a result, every family new to caring for an aging relative has to re-invent the wheel.

We need a one stop shop!

Families need the power of choice back again!

Modern Medicine allows us to live much longer, but often in a fragile condition plagued with multiple chronic illnesses. Our last decade can turn into a roller coaster ride of hospital stays, unstable health, and poor quality of life. Doctor's visits become a revolving door and making life choices becomes highly charged for the whole family.

It shouldn't be that hard!

Dementia in all it's forms is a game changer!

Dementia in all it's forms, including Alzheimer's Disease is a game changer for the whole family. It's heartbreaking and often results in grief fulled family conflict. For the family, speaking Dementia is like learning a new language. Families need extra loving care to survive this illness.

There is help and hope for you here!

You Are In Good Hands

You Are In Good Hands!

I understand as few others can. After twelve years as the go-to care giver for four of my own relatives, I went on to help countless other care givers get through the anxiety, overwhelm and exhaustion of caring for aging loved ones. I developed the organizational system with my own relatives. The FREE videos, "Three Keys to Successful Care Giving" came from my experience with other care givers. Since then, I've fine tuned the training and organization to truly support family care givers. You never know why life gives you the experiences it does. My mission is to keep families from having to start from scratch when they find themselves in care giving mode. Why reinvent the wheel when you don't have to? I know I can make your life easier!

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"When I met Kathy, I was completely overwhelmed! As my Mom's Alzheimer's worsened, Kathy and her FamilyCare System kept me organized and her training saved my sanity and helped us keep Mom at home as long as possible. Kathy is a life saver!"

What You Get and How To Get It!

Organizational Tools

An organizational system that shows you what to keep track of and how so you don't have to run around chasing paper or Doctors!
Getting organized makes sharing the tasks of care giving with others easier, saves repetitive doctor's visits and saves you from having to remember all the details. My organizational system will help the family care coordinator get everyone on board and on the same page.

Look Inside!

Organizational Tools

Training Videos

Go from overwhelmed to competent with training videos showing you how to use the system to save time, money and anxiety. Plus learn the skills you need:

  • Learn to Speak Dementia. 
  • Set Better Family Boundaries. 
  • Medical Triage for Care Givers.    
  • Grounding Activities and Dementia.  
  • Create a Safer Home for Seniors.  
  • And Lots More!

Answers and Support

A private Facebook page just for Care Givers and Care Coordinators. A place to vent and a place to get solutions from people who know. If you need encouragement, strength and hope. This is where to find it.

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 Need more? Kathy holds weekly office hours with a live Facebook video chat. Get your questions answered straight from the experts. 

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A Binder? Really, that's so old school.

Yes, it is and that's why it works!  There's no learning curve. Anyone and everyone can use a binder with tabs. Don't worry, there are plenty of high-tech solutions out there for other challenges, but for organization - the binder works!

Is this going to take a lot of time?

No, that's the beauty of it. The forms and assessments are already done for you and are all contained in a workbook with perforated pages. Just fill them out and add to your binder.  Plus, the short videos will walk you through how to use the forms as communicators with physicians, care givers and family. 

What do I do if I need more forms?

Once you subscribe, all the forms are available on line, you can print them out from any computer and printer.

I'm not sure this is right for me. Is there a way to try it out?

Yes, watch the free videos: The Three Keys To Successful Care Giving. All you have to do is provide your e-mail address to gain access.  If you find the videos helpful, then get a binder, get the book of forms and subscribe for more. All you have to lose is your misery!

My family is just getting started with care giving. I don't think I need the organization, but I can use the moral support. Can I just subscribe?

Absolutely!  That's why I have everything pieced out like a menu. That way you can get only what you need.

Still Unsure?

Check out my FREE videos:

"The Three Keys to Successful Care Giving."

You have nothing to lose but your misery!